Equipment and consumables for Printed Circuit Boards

Tronstol E4

Automatic Pick & Place for prototyping to mid volumes with following features:

  • 4 placing heads with flying vision, 10000 cph

  • ball screw guides

  • removable SMART electric feeders, 56 locations

  • removable feeder bank, quick recalibration

  • tape, vibration and label feeders including tray pick-up

  • wide range of nozzles(Samsung CN type), 6 included

  • optional automatic nozzle exchanger

  • bottom camera for BGAs and big ICs, max. component size 26x26 mm

  • optional 35x35 mm camera

  • 01005 to ultra fine-pitch placement

  • automatic centering of tape pockets

  • integrated conveyor with SMEMA interface

  • intuitive interface, Linux desktop for improved stability and customization, remote support over WiFi

  • integrated vacuum pump

  • max. PCB size: 310 x 1500 mm

  • max. component height: 8 mm

  • Required power supply: 220VAC/ 150W

  • Dimensions and weight: 101x88x135 CM, 98 kg net, 209 kg gross

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