Equipment and consumables for Printed Circuit Boards

Vapor Phase One

Vapor phase reflow oven for prototyping and low volume production, max. soldering area 200 x 185 mm, power consumption 1100W 230VAC, closed water cooling system,

Galden volume 500 to 1000 ml, Galden conusmption per cycle 0,49 ml, touchscreen interface, stainless steel housing, weight 22 kg, viewing window, fast temperature profiles, anti condensation design.

Vapor phase process

Vapor phase technology is an alternative to IR and hot air heating preventing the boards to overheat due to special heating fluid, which evaporizes at 230°C and solders the board. Produced vapor acts as inert atmosphere and prevents oxidation in solder joints. Especially suitable for expensive BGA components, large volume components, high heat disipation areas and complicated boards. Profiling is extremelly easy and reliable as the board cannot exceed more than 230°C, which is the solder melt temperature. Soldering liquid is called Galden and can be bought in 500 ml and 5 kg packages.