Equipment and consumables for Printed Circuit Boards

Personal ESD clothing

ESD t-shirts, polo shirts, coats, fleece jackets, shoes, gloves, available in different colors and sizes.

Workstation ESD mats

ESD table and floor mats, made of high quality material, available in standard sets with wristbands or as raw material on rolls.

Office ESD supplies

ESD tape dispensers, scissors, knifes, pens, clipboards, ring binders, transparent document pockets, PC equipment, made of high quality ESD materials.

ESD and MSD packaging

ESD and MBB(moisture barrier bags) packaging in standard sizes or rolls, JEDEC compatible.

Warehouse ESD boxes

ESD warehouse boxes of different dimensions, stackable.

ESD and cleanroom chairs

Throna ESD, cleanroom, workshop and office chairs, high quality and durability, 5 year warranty, customizable with castors, glides, arm supports, upholstery, colors, ...

ESD brushes

ESD brushes, made of durable and high quality conductive material.

ESD dispensing bottles

ESD dispensing bottles in different designs and with different nozzles.

ESD toolbox

ESD toolbox for field servicing.

ESD storage boxes

ESD storage boxes for components and parts, stackable, available in different sizes, made from high quality conductive material.

ESD PCB trays

ESD PCB trays for temporary storage of PCBs, available in different sizes, made of high quality material, very competitive prices.

Adjustable ESD PCB racks

ESD PCB racks, adjustable and available in different dimensions.

ESD test and control

ESD test and control equipment for entry and functionality checks.

ESD floor tiles

Best price on market, small price difference compared to floor mats, much higher durability, customization and final appearance. Place conductive tubing, connect earth bonding, place middle tiles, cut and place edge tiles, DONE! Easily replaceable if tile gets damaged, complete structure can be disassembled and moved to another area.

ESD waste management

ESD bins and containers, made of conductive material, not painted, to achieve highest durability and quality.