Equipment and consumables for Printed Circuit Boards

Tronstol SMT

Equipment for prototype and small-volume assemby of PCBs.

We are european distributor for Chinese manufacturer Tronstol. European stock of machines and spare parts, local support and service, CE certificate.

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Maker Ray artificial intelligence AOI

Neural network AOI with deep learning capabilities for faster programming.

Distribution for Balcans region.

Right fully automatic inline stencil printers

High-end fully automatic stencil printers for fine pitch and LED boards.

Distribution for Balcans region.

Various manufacturers - production equipment

Inline reflow ovens and AOIs for mass production.

Distribution for Balcans region.

Identco traceability labels

High performance traceability labels for PCB assembly process.

Distribution for Balcans region.

PCB Arts vapor phase oven

Prototyping vapor phase oven with automatic lifting of the PCB.

Distribution for Balcans region.

MP Dry drying cabinets

High-end drying cabinets and smart reel storage.

Distribution for Balcans region.

Spide SMT equipment

Small to mid volume reflow ovens and manual stencil printers for PCB assembly.

Distribution for Balcans region.

MPK Kemmer PCB tools

Milling, routing and drilling tools for depanelization, cutout and structuring of PCBs for prototype and high-volume production.

Distribution for Balcans region.

Throna Performance & Design chairs

High performance chairs for industry and offices. ESD, clean room, 24h and production chairs for industry and modern design chairs for offices.

Distribution for Balcans region.

SMD reel counters

Motorized reel counters with end of reel and empty pocket detection.

ESD equipment and materials

ESD clothing, storage boxes, flooring, table mats, packaging and testing equipment and materials. All products are made of high quality material for best durability and performance.

ESD magnifiers and microscopes

Own brand of ESD magnifiers, lamps and microscopes. All products are made of high quality material for best durability and performance.

Dispensing equipment and materials

Own brand of dispensing consumables and equipment. Best prices on the market.

Soldering equipment

Best in class JBC soldering stations, silent and powerful Bofa fume extraction units, Ideal-tek PCB mounting frames, Cramolin spray cleaners and coatings, everything for your soldering needs.

PCB consumables

Milling tools, FR4 substrates, underlay materials, solder pastes, solder resist spray, kapton and aluminum for stencils, mostly for LPKF ProtoMat PCB plotters.

Used equipment

Used equipment for electronics industry, with attention to prototype and low-volume production of PCBs. We offer only machines in good condition.

Large customer base allows us to find the right used equipment for your requirement.

We are the only representative for Balcans region . Check all our listings of used / second hand SMT equipment at

Contact us, if you would like to sell your equipment and reach European used equipment marketplace.